Audition Taping

Tempest offers professional coaching and taping services with Kate Twa for taped auditions (subject to availability).

Times: Scheduled privately. Please contact

Cost: $50 for 30 minutes, $80 for 60 minutes

Kate Twa has coached hundreds of actors for film and television auditions, many of whom work extensively in the industry. Selected film and television shows she has coached actors for include Riverdale, iZombie, Van Helsing, The 100, Once Upon A Time, The Good Doctor, Travelers, The Killing, Bates Motel, Lucifer and many more.

Zoom Coaching

If you have studied or worked with Kate before and would like a Zoom Coaching, you can contact Kate directly.

Times: Scheduled privately. Please contact

Cost: $40 for 20 minutes, $60 for 40 minutes

Living Performance

Good acting is good acting. Being prepared, present, and emotionally connected are qualities actors strive for, whether on stage or film and television.

This is a unique opportunity for actors to work privately with Tempest’s Artistic Director, Kate Twa. Kate will rehearse with two actors at a time on scenes explored both on stage and on screen. The goal is to find your unique method of building both dynamic and nuanced delivery with natural, grounded, and powerful choices.

At the end of each rehearsal, you and your partner will put a section of your scene on camera in a professional taped audition setting so you can deconstruct the work and study your progress.

We will explore both the difference and similarities between being on stage and being on film, expanding your craft towards truthful living performances.

* Please note Tempest has COVID-19 protocols in effect

*Tempest will also be open to actors for rehearsals

Dates: Saturdays & Sundays October 3 to December 20

Times: 2-hour sessions privately scheduled Cost: $295 (4 sessions)

Where: Tempest Theatre and Film Society 125 Eckhardt Ave E., Penticton