Edward Foy
Classes with Ed

Clown Workshop

Date: Wednesday August 28, Thursday August 29 and Friday August 30
Cost: $225 + gst
Where: Tempest Theatre and Film Society 125 Eckhardt Ave E., Penticton
Time: 10am to 4pm each day
*Previous performance experience is a bonus, but not necessary

The Tricksters, Wise Fools and Outcasts are present in all cultures.

Theatrical Clown training has been part of the actor’s repertoire since ancient times. In Europe, the tradition of the clown encompasses Satyr plays of the Greeks, Bawdy Roman Comedies that become Commedia Dell’ar-tte, Medieval Morality plays, Elizabethan Fools and beyond.

Clown teaches us to seek the sense of joy. To play – free of the limits social convention. To challenge, to rebel, to be surprised, find our beauty, honesty and to FAIL – gloriously.

Clown training strengthens imagination, emotional honesty and sensitivity to creative impulses. Being present with mind body connection boosts the ability to see things as they COULD be. Through solo and partnered exercises, physical forms and improvisational storytelling, this is a very challenging path for the artist to discover their own beauty in order to be free on stage – to PLAY again.