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Reconnecting - Scene Study and Monologue Class

with Kate Twa and Guest Instructors Edward Foy, Lauren McGibbon and Denise Kenney

This is a long form training class focussing on resilience, endurance, professional conduct, expectations of the industry, and emotional connection. Actors will be given scenes and monologues from the same play for the opportunity to explore character and given circumstances holistically.

This is an ensemble class that empowers the individual as well as unifies the group in a challenging and supportive environment. We will demystify certain industry tropes and explore the reasons theatre and film are compatible.

All classes take place on Tempest’s beautiful stage and there will be three evenings of scene presentations to celebrate the work and connect with a live audience.

  • What: Reconnecting. Scene Study and Monologue
  • When: July 10 to September 26
  • Time: Saturdays 10-5 (with two additional private rehearsals with Kate)
  • Presentations: September 24, 25 and 26
  • Cost: $1000 (Patreon members) $1200 (non Patreon members)
  • Deposit: $300 (required to secure your spot)

What is Patreon and Why does that make a difference?

At Tempest, we strive to be a community. While our doors were closed during the pandemic, we worked hard to stay connected to our audiences and artists by offering digital content. We really liked it and will continue to build this community. As a member, you will not only benefit from perks, but you will also have the opportunity to participate in any number of the Patreon events (both live and digital), coming down the pipe as well as receiving discounts on certain events and classes. We’re in this together!

Fundamentals - Building the Foundation

with Edward Foy

In this class, Edward will guide students through the fundamental concepts of what acting is. Together, we will build a foundation through practical exercises, solo and partnered work, self-observation, and reflection.

This six-week course works on the actor’s body, breath, voice, and mind as instrument, enhancing the ability to experience and express in a rich, honest, and compelling manner. We will build awareness of the mind/body connection and increase the capacity to think, feel, and expand to better understand the needs of the story (and ourselves).

This course aids the actor in the development of their personal process, examining how, when, and why to apply specific craft tools and techniques, along the path from preparation to performance. Join Edward and his team to develop a dependable, thorough, and personal practice of the art of acting.

  • What: Fundamentals - Building the Foundation
  • When: July 19 to August 23
  • Time: Mondays, 5 to 9
  • Cost: $375
  • Deposit: $200 (required to secure your spot)

Acting for Comedy

with Lauren McGibbon

Tragedy plus timing is common advice given to actors when working on a comedic script, but what else is there?

Starting with the pillars of comedic acting and moving on the discover what forms work best for you, you can build trust, confidence and comfort in your comedy acting. You will work to better understand story structure, and create interesting, complex characters and be truthful and present without pushing for or digging out “the laugh”.

Lauren’s class comes equipped with a “crash mat” so that we can abolish the idea of failing and make taking risks fun. Spontaneity, lateral thinking, observation, and wild abandon will transpire on Tempest’s stage.

With script analysis, body connection and character development, this class will set the actor on the path to approaching comedy without being intimidated and instead filled with joy.

  • What: Acting for Comedy
  • When: July 18 to 28
  • Time: Wednesdays and Sundays, 5pm to 9pm
  • Cost: $275
  • Deposit: $100 (required to secure your spot)

Full Contact!

with Edward Foy and Denise Kenney

Go big or go home. This is a fun and demanding class using scenes from great plays as a palette to combine physical strength, stamina, and raw, emotional truth.
Edward and Denise will train actors to reach into themselves and find the power to breathe life into larger-than-life characters exploring an expansive spectrum of human exploits and interactions.
Actors are taught basic techniques of theatrical stage combat (for use on stage or screen) and apply these skills to short, intense scenes improving balance, coordination, strength, flexibility, stamina, and physical and emotional expressiveness.
Drawing from the work of Tadashi Suzuki, Micheal Chekov, Jacques Lecoq
and Rudolf Laban and incorporating elements of tumbling, clown, martial arts and dance, this high intensity program is perfect for actors seeking to explore psycho-physiological connection and presence in their work.

  • What: Full Contact!
  • When: July 18 to August 8 (4 weeks)
  • Time: Sundays 10am to 2pm
  • Cost: $275
  • Deposit: $100 (required to secure your spot)