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Intro to Improv

With Isaac Gilbert

Unleash your spontaneity, build characters and worlds, and accept and laugh at your mistakes in this intensive improv theatre class! 

Improv is the perfect environment to explore the world of acting and theatre. Students will learn the foundational principals of making offers, statements, and most importantly mistakes. They will put these principals into practice through games and scenes similar to Who’s Line is it Anyway? The class will be fun and full of high paced energy, while being supported in a safe and trusting environment.

The climax of the class will be a performance by the students showcasing the skills they just learned in 2 performances in December as part of the next 'At the Table' production.

  • Where: Tempest Theatre - 125 Eckhardt Ave East Penticton, BC
  • When: Sundays, Oct 23 - Nov 6
  • Time: 10am to 2pm
  • Performances: Dec 9 & 10
  • Cost: $300 ($100 deposit to secure your place)

Suitable for ages 16+
No previous experience necessary

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Recently Completed Classes

Saturday Ensemble

with Kate Twa and Guest Instructors Roark Critchlow and Isaac Gilbert

This is a jam-packed class!

Saturday Ensemble welcomes Roark Critchlow who will share camera skills and work with actors on the fascinating practice of calibrating your acting chops for the camera. This is Audition Workout: Actors will receive varying sides to prepare, which will be filmed in class and played back for essential feedback. If you happen to receive an audition taping, even better!

Trust Those Impulses: Improv with Isaac Gilbert. Tempest is thrilled to be embarking on several collaborations with Peach Gravy. More and more, directors are seeking actors with skills and flexibility that is embraced in the teaching and ongoing practice of Improvisation. Just say yes.

Scene Study: Led by Kate Twa, actors will explore complexities of text analysis, the richness of character development and the pure joy of the process. Ensemble work is at once supportive and challenging. Actors are encouraged to read, research and rehearse on Tempest’s stage. Our work will be presented for a live audience October 27, 28 and 29.

Special Unit* - Film & TV Training. The first classes in this sequence are dedicated to training or Film & TV roles. In partnership with the Okanagan Film Commission, Tempest is offering a weekend intensive for anyone wanting to get feedback, learn techniques, and get insight on work in this performance field from Kate Twa and Roark Critchlow. Students will also complete a live audition for Casting Director Angela Quinn for a short student film being shot two weeks later as part of the Okanagan Film Fundamental Bootcamp.

*Ensemble students are automatically given a seat in this unit which runs September 10 & 11 at Tempest. Opting out of this unit is an option - please speak with us about this decision.

By invitation or audition. Please inquire.

  • Where: Tempest Theatre - 125 Eckhardt Ave East Penticton, BC
  • When: September 10 to October 22, Presentations Oct 27 - 29, 2022
  • Time: 9:30am to 5pm
  • Cost: $800 (Patreon Members $750)
  • Film Acting Workshop

    with Kate Twa, Roark Critchlow and Angela Quinn

    Opportunities in film and television are burgeoning in the Okanagan and can lead to work elsewhere if you’ve got the right training and commitment.

    As part of Okanagan Film Fundamentals Bootcamp led by The Okanagan Film Commission, Tempest and partners are putting together an Intensive Film Acting Course for actors focusing on audition technique as well as on set skills. Ensure you are developing your craft to meet these exciting opportunities with this two-day workshop led by acclaimed acting instructor and coach Kate Twa, and veteran actor and coach Roark Critchlow. Day Two of the workshop will wrap with Casting Director, Angela Quinn, holding an in person audition to cast roles in the short film that will be shot during the Okanagan Film Fundamentals ‘Take 2’ Bootcamp. Gain direct feedback, training and potentially land a role. Those not cast will be invited to join the Crew bootcamp students to watch the livestream of the film shoot on location to get a better understanding of the flow of a day on set, across multiple locations.

    Training will be held in Penticton, at Tempest Theatre.

    Suitable for ages 16+
    No previous experience necessary

  • Where: Tempest Theatre - 125 Eckhardt Ave East Penticton, BC
  • When: September 10 and 11 (2 days)
  • Time: 10:00am to 4pm
  • Cost: $225
  • Young Adult Acting Intensive

    with Edward Foy, Kate Wilson, Roark Critchlow and Cain Critchlow

    The class will begin with the actor submitting a self-tape. Audition sides will be sent, once registration is approved. This will give you a chance to submit your work for analysis (technical and artistic) and have the instructors look at it for review and comprehensive critique. All before you even step in the door!

    This dynamic, rigorous and diverse class will include text analysis and character development, improvisation, voice, scene study and film and television technique. Tempest’s small class sizes allow for more individualised feedback in a supportive setting. This is an ideal immersive week for any young adult interested in pursuing professional training.

    Four instructors will guide you through techniques, answer questions and explore multiple practices for exploring your craft. Class will wrap up with a performance night at Tempest in front of a live audience.

    • Where: Tempest Theatre 125 Eckhardt Ave E, Penticton
    • When: August 15 -19
    • Time: 10am – 4pm
    • Presentation of Scenes: Friday August 19, 7pm.
    • Instructors: Edward Foy, Kate Wilson, Roark Critchlow and Cain Critchlow
    • Cost: $350 + gst (Patreon Members: 300 + gst)

    Deposit:  Once you are accepted into class, a $100 non-refundable deposit is required.

    Summer Shakespeare

    with Edward Foy and Kate Wilson

    Ready to throw your sword in the ring? Find your voice? Chew on delicious words?

    Shakespeare wrote some of the best monologues in the world. His characters are complex, bawdy, feisty, mystical, diabolical and full of love and romance. Learning a Shakespearean monologue can be a transformative experience, and to guide you through this escapade is renowned Voice Coach and director Kate Wilson and the unconquerable Edward Foy.

    Actors will receive monologues before class along with tips and instruction for preparation. Learn how fun it is to do this work and say these words in today’s world full of acronyms and abbreviations.

    "Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt"

    • Where: Tempest Theatre 125 Eckhardt Ave E, Penticton
    • When: Saturdays, August 13 & 20
    • Time: 10am – 4pm
    • Instructors: Edward Foy, Kate Wilson
    • Cost: $150 Patreon Member $125

    Deposit:  Once you are accepted into class, a $50 non-refundable deposit is required.

    About Kate Wilson


    Recent credits include roles in television series Joe vs. Carole (NBC/Peacock), digital theatre performances in Do Us Part (The Red Room, Brisbane Festival), Daylight Saving (QT Playclub), on stage in Brutal Utopias (Playlab Theatre), That’s What She Said (The Good Room) and The Revisionist for Refraction Theatre (2020 Matilda Awards Nominee Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role). Kate is also a voice actor and audio-book narrator.

    Kate holds a PhD in Theatre an MLitt (Distinction) in dramatic literature, and BA (UNE).

    Kate has decades of experience teaching, and has taught generations of professional actors their craft, in Voice and Acting, at several of Australia's most prestigious Universities. She is a passionate advocate of the importance of the Arts to society, and the necessity in providing opportunities for arts practice and education to everyone. A believer in the lifelong pursuit of the study and practice of the art, she continues to travel the world, learning, teaching, and seeking new ways to improve on classic techniques and practices. (She's also a huge tech nerd - and enjoys working to find ways to incorporate new technology into Theatre performance and training).

    Voice and Speech

    This short workshop is offered to both actors and non-actors. In it, participants will explore the fundamentals of voice use, including the mechanics of speech, practical exercises to develop and strengthen the voice, and how to become a more expressive and effective speaker. 

    Words have power. The stories we tell matter. Learn to speak with Clarity and Power - to inspire, inform and entertain.

    For anyone who wants to improve their ability to speak with passion and purpose, internationally renowned Voice Teacher and Coach Kate Wilson, and Tempest regular Edward Foy will lead a challenging and information-packed workshop at Tempest.

    • Where: Tempest Theatre - 125 Eckhardt Ave East Penticton, BC
    • When: August 14 & 21 (2 days)
    • Time: 10am to 4pm
    • Cost: $150 (Patreon Members $125)

    Deposit: Once you are accepted into class, a $50 non-refundable deposit is required.

    Casting Director Workshop

    with Judy K Lee

    This workshop is intended to provide the basics for anyone entering and developing a career onscreen to ensure that one is prepared to walk on set and succeed. Understand what a casting director is expecting to see in a self-tape or an in-person audition.

    Receive your sides a few days in advance and prepare for a simulated audition with award-winning casting director, Judy JK Lee. Start the day with an overview of the process of auditioning and the expectations of an actor, practice audition techniques and get feedback from Judy Lee to help hone your delivery and feel confident in moving forward in your career.

    • What: Casting Director Workshop
    • When:June 11 - 12 10:00am - 2:00pm
    • Cost: $225
    • Deposit: $100 (required to secure your spot).

    Fundamentals Stream: Scene Study: Preparation

    with Edward Foy

    How do you begin to understand a script? How do you efficiently and effectively break it down in a way that aids you in bringing the story to life? How do you begin to build a character? Do you know how to prepare to work on a role ? Do you know how to rehearse and explore with others? What are the fundamental and practical steps to achieving the work you dream of?

    This two evening class is for the novice. - wondering what acting is like - or those actors wanting additional techniques to improve their skills in understanding the text, creating a character and in identifying the specific challenges and needs in a particular piece of work.

    Participants will be given scenes to prepare before the session - and will learn basic text analysis and character development through innovative exercises and practical work with other actors in the scene.

    * No experience required

    • What: Scene Study: Preparation to Performance
    • Instructor: Edward Foy
    • When: May 25 & 27, 2022 6:00pm - 9:00pm
    • Cost: $175

    Spring Fling Acting Intensive

    with Kate Twa, Edward Foy and Denise Kenney

    Let’s do all the good stuff we love (and miss). Read gobs of plays, do comprehensive text analysis and character development, explore opportunities to grow as actors (and humans), think about each other, listen to each other, follow impulses and determine what is best for the story and why. This is an ensemble intensive for professional actors to live and play on Tempest’s stage.

    • What: Spring Fling Acting Intensive
    • When: May 25 to June 4, 2022 9:00am - 5:00pm
    • Total Cost: $1099 ($899 for Patreon Members)
    • Deposit: $200 (required to secure your spot)

    Fundamentals Stream - Starting Out: Actor Roles

    with Roark Critchlow

    The film industry is growing rapidly in the Okanagan and this course is designed for new actors and actors new to the camera.

    As with most opportunities, preparation is key. This course is devoted to preparing and practicing reading for the types of roles that are going to come most often to people just starting out. There are techniques involved in reading for smaller roles that will both impress the casting people and present the best of you in a limited amount of lines. By taping and watching smaller scenes you will develop your ability to bring a sense of individuality to a role while NOT over acting. There is a fine line between being professional and trying too hard and this is the place to learn and practice it.

    * No experience required

    • What: Starting Out: Actor Roles
    • Instructor: Roark Critchlow
    • When: June 6, 2022 6:00pm - 9:00pm
    • Cost: $65

    Fundamentals Stream - On Set Prep

    with Roark Critchlow

    From the casting call to the call back, the call sheet to the crew call, the cast call, calling sound, calling last shot and calling it a day: this is an in depth and detailed discussion and explanation of the intricacies of being on a film set.

    The first day of a movie can be confusing at best and down and scary at worst. The well oiled machine of a film crew assumes that you will know what to do and where to go without them having to even think about it. Show up in the wrong place or at the wrong time and you can create an unwanted first impression. The first day on set is challenging enough!

    We will go over the joys and potential pitfalls of a Day 1 on set from reading the breakdown for your audition to deciphering the call sheet. From not offending your fellow cast while shooting to signing out at the end of a 12 hour day so you can get paid.

    And we'll even get some acting in while we're at it.

    * No experience required

    • What: On-Set Prep
    • Instructor: Roark Critchlow
    • When: June 8, 2022 6:00pm - 9:00pm
    • Cost: $65

    Fundamentals Stream: Mask Adventures

    with Denise Kenney

    This class introduces students to the use of masks for actor training. Students learn to be open and receptive to their impulses through Neutral Mask, and then progress to the world of Character Masks and their liberating potential for developing strong embodied characters. Techniques learned in this class are great for those starting out as well as more experienced actors looking to enrich their practice.

    • What: Mask Adventures
    • Instructor: Denise Kenney
    • When: May 14 - 15, 2022 10:00am - 2:00pm
    • Cost: $175
    • Deposit: $100 (required to secure your spot)