Kate Twa

Artistic Director

Kate began her professional acting career at 17 with the role Estella in The Citadel Theatre’s production of Great Expectations. Shortly after, she traveled overseas to study in London with the British Theatre Association. Training in the classics by day left her evenings open to explore some of London’s newest playwrights and explosive productions. By 18, she was developing a taste for the raw, insightful, and provocative work she is known for today.

Selected stage performances include Birdbath by Leonard Melfi, No Exit by Jean-Paul Sartre, Miss Julie by August Strindberg, and The Sweetest Swing in Baseball by Diana Son. Kate has acted extensively in film and television (X-Files, Outer Limits, Killer App, DaVinci’s Inquest, and Dead Zone). 

Kate has taught thousands of actors in the craft of acting, is a co-founder of Railtown Actor’s Studio in Vancouver, and currently Artistic Director of Tempest Theatre and Film Society in Penticton. She has directed over two dozen stage plays and written and directed three (including multi-award-winning Torched), produced across Canada. 

In 2011 Kate wrote and directed Gods of Youth, a harrowing exploration of kids and crystal meth. Her most recent film, The Orchard, acquired numerous awards including Best Director at Sydney Independent Film Festival and Best Feature at the Portsmouth International Film Festival, and the South Bay Film and Music Festival (Los Angeles).