Jennifer Vincent

Producer, Managing Director
Jennifer Vincent

Jennifer follows themes of place, space and community in whatever she turns her hand to. Whether it is launching a coworking space in a regional area, co-founding a social enterprise to facilitate fundraising through sales of local produce, hosting a string of unexpected and quirky gatherings, or developing long-range strategic plans for the City of Penticton, Jennifer always has her eye on the balance of process and outcome for all that are involved.

Performance and production have threaded throughout her work and play since highschool, leading to amateur theatre, growing into technical production work for theatre and live performance while she lived overseas for more than a decade in Sydney, Australia. Jennifer graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Arts (2001), majoring in Fine Arts. After that she pursued Landscape Design as a career path, landing work in Architectural Illustration which provided a welcome blend of technical and artistic skills.

In 2009, she and her Australian husband moved to Penticton with a plan to pause in the quaint community before returning to a more urban lifestyle, but the lifestyle and opportunities lured them to stay and launch several business enterprises and to become deeply involved in the mechanics of community-building and cheerleading for this beautiful part of the world. 2012 saw the launch of Cowork Penticton, one of the earliest coworking spaces in Canada and the only one in the South Okanagan. In 2016 she joined the City of Penticton as Economic Development Specialist. In 2019, Jennifer began supporting Tempest Theatre & Film Society, leading towards a position with Tempest as Producer and Managing Director.

Jennifer is attuned to curating excellent experiences: from social gathering to conference, to strategic planning meeting, to street party. She believes that success lies equally in the uniqueness of the vision as it does in the details of execution. She also believes that good coffee fuels good work.