To many actors, directors and playwrights, the mere whisper of Black Box Theatre can make them swoon. This is a place of intimate creation and emotional generosity, where we are closest to our audience and to ourselves. A black canvas of infinite possibility where the least ornate and most human tales unfold.

Tempest will host many theatrical adventures including plays, new works, staged readings, scene presentations and events. We are excited to bring our work to Penticton and explore the richness of imagination and the power of connection.

Classes and Workshops

"If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you." -Bette Davis

Tempest will offer classes, workshops and intensives in acting, movement, voice, clown, stunts and improvisation. Check back for details as they come available and/or leave your contact information with us.


"Hell is empty And all the devils are here." -William Shakespeare, The Tempest

It is our goal to hold lively, intriguing and stimulating “salons” at Tempest hosting creative thinkers and innovators.

Writer’s Room

"Watch out he's winding the watch of his wit, by and by it will strike." -William Shakespeare, The Tempest

In addition to creating their own original content for stage and cinema, Tempest and Mutant Films are committed to providing an opportunity for writers to work amongst each other under mentorship. Developing new projects, facilitating table reads and staged readings for audiences to participate in the growth and development of new works.

The Future

We are excited to hold two special events for the artists of tomorrow. A 10-minute New Play Festival and Short Film Festival. These events will be for teens interested and theatre and cinema and will include mentorship in writing, directing, acting cinematography and editing.