Tempest. The Storm Inside.

There is some debate as to the earliest emergence of human art. We have verified artistic artifacts from the Upper Paleolithic period about 40,000 years ago and archaeologists may have evidence of artistry going back as far as 500,000 years. Either way, creative expression is deeply ingrained in the human ethos. In fact, it may be at the core of what distinguishes humans in the natural realm: abstraction, symbolism, language, gestures, ideas. . . Artistry transports, inspires, and defines us. We at Tempest believe that every opportunity to express yourself is an artistic opportunity, and every choice in that expression is fundamentally artistic.

As such, our core mission is to enrich the experiences of our members and community through the advancement and presentation of high quality and thought-provoking theatre and film arts.

There are many pieces to this process: we engage audiences with works that are both entertaining and challenging. We invite renowned artists to share their work and insights. We encourage an environment of rigorous excellence. All of this sparks ideas and engages meaningful narratives and emotional experiences. Tempest is a celebration returning us to our roots, at once feeding the soul and grounding us. It is a tribute to that foundational flame of creativity ignited in our pre-Paleolithic ancestors and still burning bright.

In pursuit of our mission (and in additional to exploration of established plays and works), we will develop new work, co-produce theatrical and motion picture initiatives, and will invite audiences to participate in certain creative streams.

We will strive to create, produce and share live theatrical experiences that feel cinematic and cinematic experiences that feel alive. It is our desire to re imagine theatre and film and the possibilities of fusing them together inside our space and out.